Postmodernity: Will Another Bite from the Apple Help?


By Robert Argento

Aug 2013


The visionary evangelical zeal of Steve Jobs lured me from my cozy philosophical pursuits at Barry University in south Florida to the frenetic gyrations of 1980s Silicon Valley. Jobs’ incantations held me spellbound with his revelation of an Information Revolution that would not only democratize the entire world, but would inevitably and infallibly take a bite out of every apple that stood in the way of humanity’s own paradise.

I would later come to dub this techno-omnipotence “Her Highness Technology.” After the Dot Com Dot Bomb of March 2000, however, I came to refer to the whole Valley scene as just “sillyConValley.” Now, let’s fast forward some thirteen years to 2013 and see what’s up…

iPads that take dictation! Location-based services that guide you to the nearest Italian restaurant! And soon, we are promised, human-computer interfaces that respond to your needs even before you speak, tap, or click. With all this going on it would only be natural to expect that the priesthood of the high-tech self-proclaimed digital Mecca of Silicon Valley would surely devise a host of dazzling techno-wizardries to conquer whatever ills are ailing America, all the way from here to eternity. To question the omnipotence of Her Highness Technology or her saving graces would be a matter of read more


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