Who am I?


Rob Argento

I first conceived the sillyConValley project after an exhilarating career in Silicon Valley spanning three decades, from 1986 to 2003. I spent most of that time hammering away as a technical communications specialist for Valley heavyweights like Microsoft, Oracle, Xerox and VeriSign, never leaving the fast lane. I saw the erstwhile home to Oracle world headquarters transform from sleepy small town to bustling center of Valley commerce. I saw the Information Age rocket from desktop to cyberspace, and from millions of computer instructions per second to billions. During that same period I saw Global Communism collapse, the Global Market emerge, and the Global War on Terror trump both as Ultimate Concern.

Sometimes as consultant, sometimes on staff, I researched, developed and edited innumerable technical documents and whitepapers elucidating  “bleeding-edge” technologies, ranging from electronic collaboration and human-computer interfaces to exotic e-commerce and bioinformatics. I had arrived in the Valley in 1986 an enthusiastic believer in the Information Revolution. But by 2003 the excitement of the Revolution had somehow become trite, a mere fossil. “Marcom” (Marketing Communications) was still shouting Revolution! this and Revolution! that but it had become mostly hype. The Valley had set out to change the world. But by the dawn of the new millennium it was the world that had changed the Valley.

Maybe it was all that Y2K ballyhoo; maybe it was the Dot Com Dot Bomb. Or maybe it was Bin Laden’s Magic Carpet ride through the Twin Towers making them appear to collapse just like a computer-controlled demolition. More likely, though, it was simply a steadily rising sense that Her Highness Technology, unfurling faster than any single human mind could possibly track, was gradually turning a revolution all Her own. It seemed that our Servant was inexorably becoming our Master; our human aspirations were becoming indentured to Her ruthless craving for Technocratic dominance and total control. Status, image, money, and power had become the signal magnets of the Valley. Old world sentiments were slowly becoming antiquated, replaced by what some were calling Techno-fascism.

And so in August 2004 I finally decided to commit treason against Her Highness Technology and flee what had by then become sillyConValley.

Wanna find out more? Check me out at LinkedIn here: linkedin.com/in/robertargento


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